With the great news that micro beads have now been banned from cosmetics in the UK, US, Canada and scores of other countries, its a great time to discover some natural alternatives to those horrible micro plastics!

Siam Botanicals have just the products to help you switch to your more environmentally friendly exfoliating regime:

A 100% natural skin-brightening and gently exfoliating facial polish with the remarkable antimicrobial and skin-healing properties of coconut oil, raw organic honey and brown sugar.


This unique formula is a gentle and highly effective facial polish that also works as a moisturizer, exfoliant and deep cleanser. It combines organic argan and moringa oils with 100% natural jojoba wax beads. Active buriti oil works as an additional powerful antioxidant, which can help prevent the skin from premature aging.


This fine powder is a gentle exfoliating agent with an alluring jasmine scent. It has anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe sunburn. A rice powder mask can also help to reduce the appearance of dark circles around the eyes.