Gone are the days of women anxiously counting wrinkles in the bathroom mirror. We all age, and no amount of faux-scientific promises on synthetic skincare products can alter that fact. What we’re after isn’t a miracle potion, or a face free from any sign of having smiled or frowned: it’s optimal hydration and healthy, radiant skin. With consistent care and high-quality, 100% natural ingredients, there’s absolutely no reason this can’t be a reality for everyone.

One of our top ‘growing old gorgeously’ role models, Dame Helen Mirren, has officially declared the era of Anti-Aging over, and we couldn’t agree more. There’s a significant shift towards skincare that acknowledges the differing needs of our skin at different ages and Siam’s natural products really lend themselves to the protection of delicate skin. We’ve put together this suggested Siam Botanicals skincare routine with just this purpose in mind.

Firstly, our clary sage facial wash has a calming effect on skin that might be feeling dry or sensitive. Traditionally, clary sage is used to relax and fortify both the skin and the mind. Use with warm water to open pores and gently cleanse, ready for the Argan and Moringa face polish. Argan oil has been used for centuries by Berber women to protect skin against the visible signs of aging: it’s high levels of fatty acids and vitamin E are incredibly nourishing to dry, thirsty skin. The gentle exfoliating action of the polish helps to lift away dead skin cells and allow our natural ingredients to do their job.

Next, glycerine and rosewater facial toner. It’s the toner for people who don’t use toners! Absolutely not astringent, the moisturising properties of this traditional recipe have been tried and tested for centuries. It can also help to rebalance the skin’s pH, which can be made too acidic or too alkaline by exposure to the harsh environments of modern life. We recommend a light misting over patted-dry skin and at least a one minute soaking-in time. Why not drink a glass of water whilst you wait? Skin hydration happens from the inside as well as the outside! Getting a balanced diet, plenty of fresh water, and leading a healthy lifestyle are as important as finding the right skincare routine when your goal is happy skin.

Blossom of moringa oleifera, the drumstick tree

All soaked in? Lastly, our gorgeous Rudis Oleum replenish formula serum contains perfectly balanced natural moringa and argan oils to repair and revive skin, while jojoba oil offers superior moisturising and balancing properties. Moringa oil is a premium ingredient that is a fantastic moisturiser. Whilst it’s gaining in popularity, you can often find it languishing at the bottom of ingredients lists with many companies including it in tiny proportions only. Public Service Announcement: ingredients lists are written in order of percentage with the highest first!. One glance at the ingredients list for our Replenish Formula Serum confirms that Moringa is the primary constituent, so you can gently massage in knowing that at Siam we’re including the best ingredients at the highest percentages. Feels good!

Our skincare products don’t turn back time, and we believe that beautiful skin can be a reality at any age. Take good care of your skin using products free from harsh chemicals, and you’ll reap the rewards with clear, radiant skin and of course a brilliant smile!