Increasingly, we’re all becoming more aware of the impact we have on the planet through the patterns of our daily lives and the products we choose to use. We cycle, we recycle, we reuse and we refill. We think carefully before making a purchase, about the lifespan of the product and what will happen once it is no longer useful or has been washed down the drain.

microbeads microplastics

Microplastics: harmful to the world’s oceans and never found in Siam products

In June 2018 a world-leading ban on the use of microbeads in rinse-off cosmetic products came into force in England and Scotland, not before time. Similar bans followed in the USA, Canada, France, Sweden, India, Taiwan and New Zealand. The legislation was the result of careful scientific evidence-gathering and powerful public pressure: purchase power has encouraged most of the main cosmetics giants to remove microbeads from their products and thereby reduce the amount of plastic soup that ends up in the world’s oceans.

Siam botanicals sugar and honey facial polish

Sugar and honey face polish – free from microbeads and synthetic ingredients, simply great for your skin

As a “clean slate producer” Siam Botanicals has never used microbeads. We have been making scrubs using natural exfoliators since manufacturing started in 2012. Although they still get washed down the drain at the end of your shower, our natural exfoliators have either dissolved, been filtered out, or harmlessly decomposed by the time the water is returned to the sea. Natural exfoliators we use include: wax jojoba beads (as in our famous Argan and Moringa scrub) brown sugar, fine sea salt, ground rosehip seed and ground coconut husk.

Organic farming has long been shown to be the most beneficial way to work with, rather than against, the natural environment. As far back as Rachel Carson’s ‘Silent Spring’, first published in 1962, we have known that the negative impact of pesticides is long-lasting and pervasive across whole swathes of the ecosystem. We’re always striving to source and support organic suppliers, and 39 of our products are COSMOS ORGANIC certified. When buying organic, not only do you know that you’re supporting a more holistic, sustainable system of production but also that the products you’re using on your skin are free from potentially harmful synthetics.

We’ve always maintained that good skincare goes hand in hand with good hydration and that the key to a healthy glow is often a good few (refillable!) bottles of water to be sipped throughout the day – but we’re becoming increasingly aware that the overuse of water in manufacturing processes and end products is having an impact in places where access to clean drinking water is becoming harder to secure for many people. Did you know that by 2030 the world will have only 60% of the water it needs if current levels of consumption do not change?

siam botanicals shampoos: rosemary and peppermint, ylang ylang

Siam Botanicals shampoos: gentle enough on your hair and the environment to use every day


At Siam Botanicals our scrubs are all 100% water free, our shampoos use an aloe vera base instead of water, and it’s impossible to stop us extolling the virtues of our oil-based cleansers! Most of our products are certified either natural or organic by COSMOS.  That means no plastics, petroleum or mineral oils, no synthetic fragrances or harsh detergents. We prefer things that are grown to things that are made. It means you can rely upon the list of ingredients displayed on every product to be telling the whole truth – and we only use ingredients that are directly relevant to the purpose of the product.

So six months on from the day the world woke up to microbeads, where are we? Right where we’ve always been, working to create brilliant, luxurious products with a very small footprint on the planet.

Well, it’s officially freezing in London. I know because the grass was white and crunchy this morning, I couldn’t feel my nose and toes, and because my skin (usually fairly low-maintenance) suddenly needs some proper tlc. Winter is a tough time for skin. The drying effects of a cold wind or horizontal rain will upset sensitive or dry complexions, and there’s also the stress caused by the extreme changes in temperature between indoors and outdoors to contend with.

Luckily Siam Botanicals has this covered. Although our products are made in Thailand (from responsibly souced ingredients of course) we have plenty of caring products that can help bring a spot of east Asian warmth to your cold UK winter nights.

Of course one of the first things you’ll want to participate in after a day battling the elements (aka a commute) is that most stalwart of institutions the Long Hot Bath. Our relaxing 100% Natural COSMOS certified Lavender and Tea Tree bath salts will ease the cares of the day. Made from a base of mineral-rich natural rock salt with the finest quality essential oils, they’ll ease cold muscles and soothe away aches and pains.

Post-soak, for a rich moisturising treat for your face, try our 100% organic pomegranate and passionfruit facial oil – deeply nourishing for normal to dry skin, this replacement for your water-based moisturiser will protect from within.

For skin that’s really been out in the elements, our apres-ski Tamanu & cucumber face balm is an intensive rescue treatment to rely on. The healing properties of Tamanu oil have been used traditionally for hundreds of years to instantly hydrate damaged or distressed skin, whilst cucumber cools and soothes away redness. For lips that are feeling chapped and unhappy, our silky, lightweight lip balms will protect and nourish. We have orange and peppermint versions with lovely aromatic natural extracts, but the most highly recommended for instant rescue is our coconut lip balm, mixed with coconut oil and shea butter.

And for hands that need some extra care too, try our 100% organic moringa oil. Nothing added, just premium, nutrient-rich, pure organic moringa oil which will help to improve your skin’s softness and keep cuticles neat and moisturised at the same time. There’s a lot of attention surrounding this north Indian ‘miracle oil’ in the beauty press at the moment – and rightly so, it’s incredibly rich in phytonutrients and skin-protecting antioxidants. Of course, it’s also suitable for use on face, lips, anywhere that needs some instant moisturising!

So once you’ve soothed and cared for that stressed out skin and taken the necessary steps to prevent further damage from the inclement weather, we hope you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the winter season with a spring in your step and a lip balm in your pocket. Of course, for those of you who’d rather not take a chance on actually leaving the house again, we also have our January sale with 15% off all products and free UK delivery to make it that bit easier!