Using oils to cleanse oily, congested skin. Sounds a little bit like rubbing soil into your jeans to get the grass stains out right? Dubious? I was slightly confused about this cleansing method too, so I set out to find out just why oil cleansing not only works, but has plenty of devotees the world over. Firstly: not all oils are created equal. In my head, ‘oil’ could mean anything from the contents of the vat my fish supper was fried in to the contents of the sump in my car. It’s certainly a broad definition: an oil is a hydrophobic substance that is usually liquid at room temperature. Although it will not mix with water, it blends easily with other oils. Oil can come from animals, plants or chemical processes. Also, it comes from our skin!

An oil dropper of siam botanicals facial serum

Use natural oils to work with your skin

Having been exposed to decades of marketing intended to encourage me to buy harsh astringent chemical products, I’ve been wary of embracing my skin’s natural oils. Don’t they cause breakouts? Well, the short answer is no! Our skin has evolved to take care of itself perfectly well. The oils it makes are what keep it hydrated, help to heal minor wounds and keep infections at bay. The problem with this harmonious system comes when we expose our skin to environmental factors that disrupt this balance, such as polluted air, makeup or chemical irritants. If skin isn’t properly cleansed, these beneficial natural oils can clog our pores and when trapped lead to blackheads, blemishes, and unhappy skin.

Using harsh chemical cleansers will strip the oils from your skin. It’s true! They will! But they will strip all the good away along with the bad, and can lead to irritations, rashes, dryness and …you guessed it… unhappy skin.

But what if we were to use a natural oil, with antibacterial properties, that was similar in consistency and chemical make up to the sebum made by our own skins? Well, the oil cleanser gently mixes with – and lifts out – dirt and oil from your pores, leaving them cleansed without drying, working in harmony with your skin’s own amazing self-regenerative properties.

apricots ripe on the tree

Apricot kernel oil is rich in essential fatty acids, and a sustainable by-product

Siam Botanicals’ COSMOS Organic Apricot Facial Cleansing oil has been carefully blended with oils of castor seed, sweet almond, apricot kernel and black caraway seed. Used daily in conjuction with a face cloth and hot water, this oil cleanser will care for oily skin, removing impurities and congestion without upsetting the skin’s delicate balance. Simply massage the cleanser into dry skin (no eye make-up remover required either) and then soak your face cloth in hot water, drape over your face and allow your pores to open. Then simply wipe away: the cleanser, impurities, stress and makeup. Intended to be used before bed: the added bonus being that a quick splash of warm water is all that’s required in the mornings!

Castor seed oil is a key ingredient: it has been traditionally recognised for its antiseptic and astringent properties. Although it feels quite a heavy oil in the hand, it’s actually very similar to the skin’s own oils and as a result is a highly effective deep cleanser.

Siam Botanicals Rosehip and teatree oil cleanser

Hydrating and cleansing: Rosehip and Teatree oil cleanser

Do you have drier skin that needs a little more hydration? Try our COSMOS Organic Rosehip and Tea Tree oil cleanser. Rosehip oil is naturally moisturising: blended with olive fruit oil and just the right proportion of Tea Tree oil, this cleanser will gently remove impurities whilst controlling and reducing blemishes thanks to it’s naturally antibacterial properties. Of course when you use either of our oil cleansers you can rest assured that our premium organic ingredients are working with your skin to support its own natural systems.

Biteable Beauty Winner's AwardHot on the heels of our recent success in the Beauty Shortlist awards, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve gone all the way in the Biteable Beauty Awards! Our gorgeous Siam Roots Skin Conditioner with Lemongrass & Ginger recently WON the best body oil category – and we couldn’t be happier!

Biteable Beauty is an award-winning blog dedicated to natural and organic products across the beauty, health and lifestyle sectors. It is run by Rebecca Goodyear, who also owns a boutique PR agency specialising in natural products. Well respected as an industry expert and thought leader, she has featured in the Who’s Who of Natural Beauty list for the past four years. She certainly knows her stuff and her opinions really count.

Here’s a victory photo of the winning product:

Siam Roots skin conditioner 90g bottle

What a beauty


Siam Roots skin conditioner blends four organic oils – jojoba, sweet almond, grape seed and sesame – with the typically Thai scents of lemongrass, ginger and plai to create a deeply hydrating skin oil with a fresh, uplifting scent. 98% of the total ingredients are organic, and the product has been certified by COSMOS.

Other winning brands include Bodhi & Birch, JĀSÖN and Green People, so we are in excellent company and are very proud that our small indie brand is getting the recognition it deserves in the UK!

Click here to buy our award-winning Siam Roots skin conditioner, which retails at ฿720 for 90g.

Shave oil - finalist in the Beauty Shortlist awards

Although well established in Thailand and southeast Asia, the Siam Botanicals brand is relatively new to the UK and the EU, where the natural skincare industry is growing rapidly. A few months ago, we decided to put our head above the parapet by entering a couple of our top-selling products into the Beauty Shortlist Awards. The Beauty Shortlist is one of the UK’s top beauty blogs, so it was a good opportunity for us to increase awareness of our products and reach more potential customers who are interested in natural and organic skincare.

All the winners were announced last week – see the full list here – and we were thrilled to discover that our Gentlemen of Siam Shave Oil had been made a finalist in the ‘Best Shaving Product’ category!

We’re giving ourselves a little pat on the back – and we might even pour ourselves a nice glass of something fizzy!

glass of champagne to celebrate!

Don’t mind if I do! Photo by Yi Wang / CC BY-SA

OK, so we didn’t win an actual gong – this time – but for a newcomer entering awards in the UK for the first time, it’s a real achievement to make the shortlist, especially when other entrants include such mega brands as Liz Earle (owned by Walgreens Boots Alliance), REN (owned by Unilever), Neal’s Yard (founded in 1981) and Weleda (which is represented in over 50 countries).

We’re keen to build on this important breakthrough – and we have some exciting plans in the pipeline, which include another foray into the world of awards and an industry event. Watch this space for details…!

Click here to buy our organic lemongrass & tea tree shave oil, which has been certified by COSMOS and retails at ฿590 for 24g (up to 100 shaves).

Our weekend got off to a great start on Friday, when Del Brown of UK-based website Del Brown Approved published his review of our Lemongrass & Tea Tree shave oil.

Del is a self-proclaimed ‘ingredient scrutiniser’ with a passion for natural and organic skincare, so he certainly knows his stuff. He is a respected skincare blogger and his reviews are always very thoroughly researched, so we were very keen to hear his feedback.

As expected, his first port of call was the ingredients list. He quickly noted that there was ‘not a synthetic additive in sight. No artificial perfume, colourings or preservatives. 97% of the total ingredients are certified organic.’

Satisfied that the ingredients met his high standards he gave the shave oil a try, even going so far as to shave his head with it! The great thing about this oil is that it is very versatile, as Del discovered when he ‘went a bit rogue’:

‘With an ingredient list this good, it would have been a sin just to use it as a shave oil.  So, I tried it as a beard and face oil and it is amazing!  As a beard oil, the combination of ingredients meant I only required a couple of drops, brushed into my beard, to give it a healthy, glossy, soft look and feel.  I also used a couple of drops at night as a face oil and my face was left feeling smooth, hydrated and calm.’

What man wouldn’t appreciate a multi-tasking product like this?!

Del concludes:

‘I really like the philosophy of Siam Botanicals. They do not use ANY synthetic ingredients, are cruelty free, committed to responsible sources and where possible, use local providers. So if you’re already a fan of using shave oils, you should certainly add this one to your try list. A highly practical, multi-tasking oil, packed full of skin benefiting ingredients. Fully Del Brown Approved!

Read the full review here; click here to buy or find out more about our shave oil.