The products are manufactured and hand-blended at our laboratory in Prawet Bangkok by our specialists creating an honest brand of natural face care, skincare, and personal care products using the finest natural and organic ingredients.

Yes, Siam Botanicals only uses natural and organic materials and has undergone rigorous auditing by the BDIH to be certified with the Cosmos standard.

Cosmos certified means that every aspect of Siam Botanicals’ production process has been audited by the BDIH. It means that:

• Our manufacturing facility has been inspected

• There has been a full audit of ingredients, including their origin and how they were processed

• Siam Botanicals has demonstrated that its production methods are ecologically sound, this includes providing an environmental management plan that addresses the whole manufacturing process

• The product formulas, labels, and packaging have been approved

• Any nonorganic ingredients have been used because no organic equivalents were available

• All ingredients are GM-free (nonorganic ingredients can only be used if the supplier has submitted a declaration that they are non-GM)

No, we do not test or condone the testing of products on animals. We love animals at Siam Botanicals.

Yes, we partner with PayPal to ensure all payments made on our website are secure and safe.

With have two options:-

  1. Pay using PayPal our safe and secure gateway.
  2. Bank Transfer directly to our bank – details will be given on placing the order and you will receive an email notification.

Our news letter will start in December and we will be sending out an email to all customers to ask if they wish to subscribe.