Rudis Oleum Replenish Formula Face Serum


Premium face care range • Suitable for everyday use

This light but highly effective Replenish serum restores vitality to a tired complexion. Nutrient- and antioxidant-rich moringa and argan oils help to repair and revive aging and damaged skin, while jojoba oil offers superior moisturising and skin-balancing properties, making this formula particularly recommended for combination and pimple-prone complexions. Juniper berry and grapefruit essential oils, also rich antioxidants, cleanse congested skin of the effects of pollution.


Pump a small amount of the serum into the palm of one hand and use the middle finger of your other hand to massage into your face with slow, circular movements. To remove any residual grease, finish off with a splash of cold water and pat dry with a towel.



Don't forget to exfoliate twice a week – with our Argan & Moringa Face Polish it will be a pleasure, not a chore!